Routine Teeth Cleaning

Your oral health not only affects your overall health, it also affects the way you feel about yourself and how others see you. A healthy smile is key to overall well being. During routine visits we also take time to assess your health, and help monitor many other factors. Your dental visits are often the front line in looking for oral cancer and other systemic diseases. We take great care in prevention, and want you to have a healthy smile for years to come.

Metal-Free White Fillings

We made the transition to white “tooth colored” composite resin fillings several years ago. These fillings look more natural than dark silver colored restorations and allow the doctor to recreate the look of mother nature. Composite resin fillings allow for more possibilities to restore teeth with adhesive properties. Many patients are concerned about the content of some filling materials, and these composite materials do not contain ingredients like mercury.

TMJ Problems

The jaw joint, or the TMJ, can have soreness or pain because of many different reasons, however we find that the most common contributor to these problems come from night time clinching or grinding. Sleep experts say that everyone clinches or grinds their teeth to one degree or another while they sleep. Whatever our "normal level" of night time clinching or grinding is, we all tend to increase the intensity of this activity when we are under stress or in pain. All of this over use of the chewing muscles and teeth can lead to a host of problems: sore or sensitive teeth, broken teeth, headaches, popping or clicking noises when opening, lockjaw, and TMJ pain. Sometimes a specialist is needed to properly address TMJ problems, but often we can find a relatively simple solution to them in our office.